Greek Indian Cultural and Welfare Association
Greek Indian Cultural and Welfare Association

Indo - Greek Business Foundation

One and a half decades into the process of economic liberalization and global integration, India, today, is well established as a credible business partner, preferred investment destination, rapidly growing market, provider of quality services and manufactured products; and, stands on the threshold of years of unprecedented growth.

With the energy and vitality of its huge population, diverse colorful culture and rich history, India straddles a singular position in today’s world, bridging the timeless with the contemporary.

As the world’s largest democracy, the depth, breadth and maturity of its people and culture have been a symbol of positive energy and fount of inspiration to people around the world for generations. They are the key to the unparalleled range of inspiration and the resources India has to offer Greece and the world.

Dreaming with IGBF


The Path to 2050, a Goldman Sachs Report states that at present rates of growth, the burgeoning market in the country “would be adding nearly one France every three and a half years and one Australia every year.”

The IGBF was created with the vision of injecting a new vitality into Indo-Greece relations. It aims to be a catalyst, applying its unique methodology to the creation of a special relationship between these two great nations that will grow organically, setting off a chain reaction of activities that promote growing understanding interaction and interdependence. We believe this strong India-Greece relationship will be the cornerstone, and form a true global partnership in the new century.