Greek Indian Cultural and Welfare Association
Greek Indian Cultural and Welfare Association

To promote knowledge and understanding of the culture, history, philosophy, religions and social structure of India and the Greece among the peoples of both the countries.

To advance and promote friendly relations between the peoples of India and the Greece by widening and strengthening personal, cultural and social contacts.


The Association strives to achieve its objectives mainly by organizing socio-cultural events such as music and dance programs, talks and symposia, social get-togethers, film shows and visual art exhibitions. In general, it organizes about eight to ten activities every year, occasionally in cooperation with other sister organizations. Platform of these activities serve as a meeting place for the local Greeks and the Indians living in Greece.

The Association notes with gratitude and satisfaction that many prominent political, judicial and religious leaders of both the countries have addressed its meetings and also that a number of outstanding Indian artists have performed under its auspices.

Our Goals

1. Develop a support group of people that will always be there to help others both professionally and personally.
2. Promote group activities for people of similar interests and create bonds between people in the tri-state area that abandons isolationism and strengthens unity.
3. Cultivate a sense of community through various volunteer activities (tutoring kids in poor neighborhoods, setting up personal chat rooms for those kids having trouble adjusting in school, cleaning up schools, etc.)
4. Establish a network of leaders from various professional backgrounds from which our members can benefit.
5. Create an environment where our members can grow and strive to become effective leaders of tomorrow.
6. Sponsor professional advancement workshops and seminars by featuring prominent speakers.
7. Publish quarterly newsletters and develop an interactive presence on the Internet.
8. Coordinate structured networking events.
9. Provide financial transparency to the organization..

The Cultural Fund


The Cultural Fund is an autonomous organ of the Association, is created to underwrite those cultural program, which cannot be financed from the normal resources of the Association.

It is administered by a Board of three trustees appointed by the Executive Board of the Association. It invites people to contribute special financial resources from which the Association's activities can be supported.

Its income is raised from donations, subsidies, interest on capital, the surplus from various special program underwritten by it and fund raising campaigns organized within the framework of the objectives of the Association.